Following a £278,000 investment, work has begun on a new Children's outpatient department at Bassetlaw Hospital.


The new area will aim to provide a dedicated space for children's Outpatients. This will enable staff from the hospital to deliver efficient and safe care.

It is to be co-located to the current Children's Ward, which will improve clinical links between both areas. The new created space will also allow nursing teams to work across both, which ultimately enhance care for younger patients. Enabling them to meet parents' and children's expectation in addition to getting ready for future demand.

The Trust will be aiming to speak to children, carers and parents in order to help design the look of the new Outpatients department. They will be getting feedback for things such as wall coverings and furnishings, to ensure that the area is correct for younger patients.

Building work to create the Children’s Outpatients department, which has its own reception, will cost £278,000 and is expected to be complete by late November 2016.

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