A brand new system has launched at Bassetlaw Hospital, enabling clinicians to electronically record patient observations.

Rolling-out within all six adult wards within the Worksop site, ‘eObservations’ makes use of a mobile device (often an Android phone) and allows health professionals to record patient observations using a secure app. These investigations are then automatically calculated by the system - alerting a senior nurse or doctor if urgent attention is required.

One of the most important tasks within any hospital, ‘clinical observations’ is the term used to describe the multitude of tests and exercises which are used to monitor the health of a patient. Undertaken at regular intervals, from temperature checks to heart rate monitoring, these observations help doctors and nurses understand the condition of their patients, guiding treatment if anything changes.

eObservations, provided by Nervecentre, is an extension of Hospital@ introduced to the Trust in early 2019, and helps in the recording and distribution of tasks within wards and departments between health professionals. Similar to the former system, observations are logged centrally on the system, with an accompanying patient record and related notes and alerts visible to trained users. The system will also work out the frequency of required observations, helping clinicians to make the most of their time.

The system is currently being rolled-out to the six adult wards of Bassetlaw Hospital, as well as Endoscopy and Day Surgery. If everything goes to plan, a further deployment will commence in Doncaster Royal Infirmary and Montagu Hospital later this year and early next.

The launch of eObservations and Hospital@ forms part of DBTH’s ‘Digital Transformation programme, a scheme of work which is looking at making the most of new technologies in order to improve patient care, safety, experience and treatment.

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