Want to present a radio show?


Trust AM accepts voluntary applications from enthusiastic people of all ages (18+) to present radio programmes, collect song requests or provide administration support. Please fill in the form below to apply.


  • Volunteers must be 18+ years old on application. [Students (16+) with an interest in broadcasting/media may also contact the station for further information].
  • Applicants are usually accepted for training as radio presenters, but other skills and abilities are taken into account.
  • All interviews are held at Bassetlaw Hospital on Monday evenings between 6-7pm. (other arrangements may be made in exceptional circumstances).
  • Applicants are accepted on the basis that, all things being equal, members will stay at Trust AM for 2 years minimum.
  • Interviews are informal and are conducted by a few members of the Management Team. Interviews usually last about 1 hour. A Members Handbook is supplied which answers many questions. Full information is given and questions answered,
  • All training is undertaken at Bassetlaw Hospital. Training days are Wednesday and Thursday (18:00-20:00). Trainees are provided with their own Training Manual.
  • All members of Trust AM pay a Membership Donation of £2, you can see more information about fees by clicking here. As a Registered Charity we can collect Gift Aid from the Government on donations.
  • We cannot accept applications for Work Experience or placements.


  • After the informal interview, applicants deemed suitable are asked to consider if they genuinely want to become a member over a period of a few days.
  • Applicants who do wish to proceed are invited back to fill in application forms. Applicants are required to bring with them such proofs of identity as are required by the Hospitals (a list will be provided).
  • Forms take about 20 minutes to complete (when all appropriate documents are at hand). There is a £10 Registration Fee (non returnable) required before forms can be filled in.
  • New members will be instructed as to how they can get a Photo Identity Badge (mandatory) (no charge) and a key for the station at a one off charge.
  • The training period is normally five (5) week depending on the aptitude of the trainee.
  • On completion of training new members will discuss with the Programme Control Team what broadcast slots are available.