History of Hospital Radio at Bassetlaw Hospital & Doncaster Royal Infirmary

radio kilton founded

Back in the summer of 1972, the Worksop Lions Club offered to fund any local initiative deemed to be of benefit to the local community. A small group of sixth formers at Valley Comprehensive suggested a hospital radio station to serve the Town's Kilton Hospital. The Lions agreed to support this project and on Saturday December 2nd that year the first broadcast of Radio Kilton took place.

Initially this required the team to set up and then remove the equipment in a borrowed office, using LP's that were loaned to the station. In the spring of 1973 the station moved into an office, and in the latter part of 1974 the station moved again, with additional equipment being added. It was at this point where volunteers other than Valley School pupils were added to the growing membership. Until this time, programmes were restricted to weekends only.

It was not until spring 1976 that the move was made to the current location. A single room provided a studio, which was linked to the main hospital by a signal cable which is still in use today.

The first outside broadcast caravan arrived and the station broadcast from the Bassetlaw shows via BT landlines. Weekend programmes were extended to midnight and some weekday programming was added, a record library was taking shape and the station even had it's own image by way of jingles.

In September 1979 programming was fed to the Victoria Hospital, and the station became Worksop Hospitals Radio. In the early 80's the new Bassetlaw District General Hospital was built, and Victoria closed. Bassetlaw Hospital Radio was the new name, or BHR for short. The station continued to grow, sponsored broadcasts provided income to expand the facilities and an outside broadcast van was kitted out.

trust am is born

In the 1990's the station closed for a short while to allow for refurbishment of the studio area, which developed into two studios, an office/music library, a small kitchen area and a toilet. CD's started to come into regular use, outside broadcasts were beamed back using a radio link and in 2000 the station started to broadcast on 1278 medium wave as BHR-AM.

By now the station had it's first computers, allowing the music library manual card system to be scrapped, and computer generated programming replaced Radio Two when there was no 'live' programming on air. The station accquired an ex-DTI transit van, which was converted to a mobile studio. This vehicle has attended events such as Worksop Festival, Manton Gala, Valley School summer fete and the Lions Disabled Games days, with programming being beamed back to the patients.

The Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Trust's merged and a requirement to increase service to the Doncaster Royal Infirmary was added to the list. The station changed name to Trust AM to reflect the extended coverage. In September 2005, Rosie Winterton MP re-opened the Doncaster studio.

Trust AM celebrated 45 years of being on the airwaves, with special radio shows throughout the day on December 2 2017.

Most recently the station opened a new studio at Bassetlaw Hospital (named Studio 1) in 2018. The state-of-the-art studio also includes CCTV, television and a meeting room.

About the Doncaster Studio

Radio Danum started life back in November 1980 and within a year it was broadcasting over 74 hours a week and had over 48 presenters from all walks of life. Radio Danum was situated in a used portacabin in the grounds of Doncaster Royal Infirmary (DRI) from were all the programmes were produced and broadcast.

The station had a varied out put even in those days, from request shows to a 4 hour long sports show. The station was also out and about in its first year by attending such major events like the Finningley Air Show. The station even had their own amateur dramatic productions. The station was praised by members of the public and the staff at DRI, Radio Danum was always there to help.

Over the years Radio Danum went from success to success with a special anniversary broadcast on medium wave in the week that the station became 10 years old. However since the mid to late 90's the station suffered from a lack of funding and volunteers.

So when Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Trust merged, the NHS trust asked Bassetlaw Hospital Radio to take the reins.

Since then the station has had a name change to Trust AM, 'moved' inside DRI itself, more members have joined and the studio has been re-fitted, it has also received a much needed make over.